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Domestic Scaffolding

A10 is the home of domestic scaffolding in London and throughout Hertfordshire.

We provide scaffolding and access solutions for a whole range of residential properties from single story dwellings through to flats and apartments.

The uses for scaffolding for your home are varied, whether it is for painting, re-rendering  or Major exterior improvements including extensions and roofing replacements - one thing that will always remain the same is the care we take in providing an exceptional level of service.

We believe we are one of the best companies in the industry when it comes to dealing with domestic customers, and the very specific and sometimes demanding challenges that come with them.  We offer several features that allow a seamless project with minimal disruption.

Commercial Scaffolding

When it comes to commercial scaffolding in London, we've built a solid reputation for excellence and reliability.

A10's experience in supporting industrial and commercial clients is firmly underpinned by the fact that many of our team originate from construction and engineering backgrounds.

We believe in a collaborative approach when delivering on commercial projects and work closely with architects, planners, quality surveyors and site managers to ensure seamless delivery at every phase, from the very early stages of planning through to final completion.

Our work in the commercial sector has seen significant growth and we have created valuable partnerships with public and private companies.  Our relationship agreements with a number of councils across the UK is something we enjoy.

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Scaffolding for Social Housing

The quality of our service, our competitive pricing and commitment to safety standards have all contributed to us successfully tendering for a number of significant social housing contracts.

Working in close partnership with a number of Local Councils and Housing Associations, including Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City Council, we provide a high level of coordinated support for refurbishment, construction and maintenance of social housing projects which are always delivered professionally, with minimal disruption and with absolute consideration for neighbouring residents.

Shrink Wrap

We are one of very few scaffolding companies out there who has shrink wrap offer in the house. We have fully qualified staff and necessary equipment to supply this kind of protection if needed to you project.


Scaffold shrink wrap is a type scaffold sheeting which is made from a low density polythene that has been engineered so that when heated, it is shrinks powerfully and moulds tightly (but does not stick to) whatever it covers. Scaffold shrink wrapping is also designed so that it can be heat welded together in such a way that any joints between sheets are strong and permanent. Because there is no limit to the number of sheets that can be welded together, there is no limit to the size of the project that can be shrink wrapped.   

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In addition we offer

Bin chutes
Chimney stack scaffolding
Birdcage scaffolding
Netting / Monoflex
Temporary roofs